Two New Classes - see below!
  Shepherd Adult Ed
May, 2014

Register: Call Cindy Hazen or Rebecca Lewis, 373-5461 or you may mail registration information.
Payment: Send two days before class or take to administration building: Adult Ed., Shepherd Administration Bldg, 7842 Shepherd Road, P.O. Box 8, Shepherd, MT 59079
Suggestions, information, questions: Send e-mail to June Brown, Adult Ed. Coordinator,
Adult Ed. Mondays, 5:30 to 6:30p.m., no registration and cost is free. Annex II, Library Building, North of H.S. Gym:
   Beginning Technology, One-on-one Assistance: Two instructors will assist you with your beginning technology needs; tablets, laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, office programs, Internet, e-mail, etc.
    G.E.D. Instruction: Anytime during the three-hour, adult ed. block of time.
Materials: Purchase a G.E.D. Preparation book at a book store or online for about $15
Cost: Free for the instruction
   H.S. Library Use and Check-out of Library  Materials: Available for adults, 5:30 – 8:30, Mondays

Ebay Buying and Selling: From hobby to business, learn the basics from Monty Stell.
   When: Thursdays, May 1 and May 8, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
   Where: H.S. Business Rom
   Cost: $12.00 (includes handouts)
Graduation Memory Boards:  As seen on (look up examples on the internet on Etsy), make decorative, one-of-a-kind displays of your graduate          that celebrate their school and life highlights,  and help to commemorate this major achievement.
   When:  Monday evening, May 5th, from 6-8:30
   Where:  High School Library building, Annex II, North of the H.S.
   Cost: $7.50
   Gather up pictures and memorabilia to make this fun display about your special graduate.   The following is a suggested supply list of items to bring with
   you to the class You may register and pay up to the day of the class by dropping off a check or cash at Shepherd Administration Office.

Graduation Memory Boards Supply List

·         1-2 large foam core boards. I buy these at Hobby Lobby-they run around $6. You can use their 40% off coupon to cut the cost! You will need one for each board you are planning on making.

·         12x12 scrapbook paper. You’ll be using 3 pieces on each section (top, middle, and bottom) so you’ll need 9 pieces to cover each board Make sure the papers coordinate; I used 3 different patterns on each board. You’ll also want to have a few extra pieces for matting some items & cutting out the swirl designs if you want to use these.  I would suggest 2-3 extra pieces in the pattern you want to use for this. Another option would be sturdy wrapping paper to cover the whole board in. I’m not sure how it will hold up or if you can find a suitable pattern but you never know.

·         A couple of spools of ribbon. You’ll need about 88” for each board, more if you plan on using it for more than the middle dividers (these will cover where your paper sections connect so make sure you have enough to go the length) You can also use them as décor on the photo mats.

·         1-2 packages of 4.5x6.5 cardstock. These are also available at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook aisle. They come in packs of 100 & cost about $5. I wanted black & white so I bought 2.

·         Alphabet stickers (I used these for “putting my stamp on the world” quote)

·         Embellishments/Bling if you’re planning on using it-I used an assortment of stick on rhinestones and also the larger kind you glue on. You could also use silk flowers. For boys you could use things like buttons or fun little items found in the scrapbook area of hobby lobby. Other possibilities are charms, bottle caps….think outside the box & get creative! Special mementos maybe. A tassel could also be used if you have one (I can show you how to make one out of embroidery floss if you’re interested)

·         Quotes & words typed up & printed out that you would like to use.  I used Word to make up a sheet of paper in different fonts & sizes and then printed the words out on Vellum. You’ll be cutting these out & attaching to the cardstock. For the quotes, I went to and searched under Children, Graduation & Off to College. Your child may have favorite quotes to consider! I also printed out the grad year, name, mascot & school name. Other things to consider-Bible verses; newspaper clippings of your child; a graduation announcement; college acceptance letter; achievements etc. (you’ll probably need to copy/reduce their size so they fit).

·         PICTURES! You’ll want to get a good assortment of 4x6 & other small (wallets) sized photos for the memory board. Make copies if you’re worried about using originals. For the Senior Picture board you will need: 1-8x10 (I used an 8x12); 1-5x7; 4x6 photos you want to use; school photos from each year-wallet size is awesome but I’m sure you could make adjustments to this!

·         1 piece of poster board. I used black. We will be cutting this to make mats for the larger pictures. If you prefer, you may purchase actual mats and use those.

·         1 smaller piece of foam core (dollar store, Walmart or Target) this will be cut up for attaching pictures to the boards.

·         2-3 rolls of double stick tape (The dollar store usually has this)

·         Scissors, a hot glue gun, if you have one, xacto knife if you have one, stapler if you have one.


·   I iI will have paint (for poster board mats), some misc. papers, some rhinestones, silhouette machine to cut out the swirl designs; I have 1 glue gun & some misc. alphabet stickers; a couple of paper trimmers.

We’re going to work on the boards in class so make sure and bring your supplies with you!

***If you want to get a jump start before class, you can use double stick tape to adhere the scrapbook paper to your boards. You’ll have to cut some of your paper to do this. You’ll need to measure your board to be sure what sizes. I ended up keeping 6 pieces at 12x12 & cut 3 down to 8x12 which was used for my center row. (My board measured 40w x 32h). You could also get your quotes & words cut out and matted so they’re ready to go. It’s up to you on how much you want to do before class!

The poem I used in the upper right corner of the board is on the internet and you may use it if you wish.

**I printed mine out on a piece of 12x12 Vellum paper. I cut the paper width to fit into my printer, then printed on it, trimmed it down & then double matted it to cardstock.


Have questions? Call, text or email me! I’ll try and answer the best I can!